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Tree House Creative Therapies

Tree House Creative Therapy


. Women and children
. Women with physical disabilities
. Adults and children with learning disabilities.
. People with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities
. Women who’s behaviour may challenge
. Women with mental health issues
. Elderly people (over 70)
. People with Alzheimers/Dementia
. People receiving hospice care

All sessions can be on a GROUP or ONE TO ONE basis. Sessions are PERSON CENTRED with a focus on promoting independence, developing confidence and self esteem, building on your strengths and skills, developing communication skills and building relationships.


ONE TO ONE MASSAGE THERAPY. Healing massage for Women, The Elderly and People with Learning Disabilities —including people who’s behaviour may challenge. This specialist massage is therapeutic on many levels and is suitable for someone who is contact-averse as well as for those who need treatment for aches, pains and tension, and those who just wish to relax.

MASSAGE GROUPS FOR SUPPORT STAFF AND SERVICE USERS. Support workers are taught to give massage to their service users with a view to providing massage independently in the home. You will feel relaxed and empowered as the beneficial effects of your skills transform your “client”.

MASSAGE GROUPS FOR SERVICE USERS. Service Users often make stronger relationships with support staff than with their peers. Guided massage is a way of bringing service users together and empowering them to support and give responsible care to each other—at the same time as receiving a safe and simple massage.

SENSORY SESSION. Perfect for people with profound and multiple disabilities. Explore all your senses – sight, sound, touch and smell. You will bask in a sensual experience whilst discovering hidden skills and confidence as you are supported to enjoy creative, sensory activities.

CONVERSATION AND PEER SUPPORT GROUP. A place for those who like or need to TALK. You will also be supported to LISTEN, share your experiences and hear from others. A carefully managed group where you will be empowered to connect with your peers and support each other. You do not have to be verbal to join - we will learn how to listen to you anyway.

ONE TO ONE COUNSELLING. Unpack your troubles with a qualified counsellor with 30 years’ experience of working therapeutically. Specialising in working with people for whom contact is difficult. Sessions via phone, text or typing on skype are available. Integrative Interaction is available to people where speech is difficult or impossible.

CHAIR-BASED EXERCISE. For everyone - including wheel chair users, or people who are confined to bed. Exercise, stretch, dance, and have fun while improving health and fitness of mind, body and spirit.

ARTS AND CRAFTS. Create wonderful artworks, seasonal decorations and gifts to give or sell. Make and build friendships. Have fun, express yourself, strengthen motor skills and co-ordination.

MUSIC. Listen to music that you love, sample music from around the world, make and play percussion instruments. Take your turn and take the lead. Swing, clap and sing.

GARDENING FOR EVERYONE - INSIDE OR OUTSIDE. Out in the garden, or from your chair or bed, you can plant, tend, harvest, cook and/or sell your own fruits and vegetables. Learn about plants and wildlife. Get exercise and maybe a breath of fresh air whilst learning practical skills whatever your ability.

SEWING. Explore fabrics and fashions. Using braids, beads, ribbons and cloth make cross stitch, tapestries, belts, bags, and bits’n’bobs. Enjoy group camaraderie, whistle/laugh/sing while you work.

DESIGN YOUR OWN SESSION. Tell me what you’d like to do, and I’ll arrange it and help you to achieve it!

We have a ramp for wheelchairs but unfortunately the bathroom is not wheelchair accessible. There is an accessible public toilet nearby in the town.

For more information and a no-obligation chat, please contact:
Trina Driver: on 07851 402 647
or email


Trina has been a God-send to our family. She is a counsellor and masseuse rolled into one. She has a gift of drawing close to people whatever their circumstances and seems to pitch the situation with an answer that is unique to each need.
(M, Harris. Daughter/Carer)

Through Trina’s work, our Service Users with complex needs have greatly benefited from increased self/other awareness, tolerance of and capacity for two-way communication, and the opportunity to exercise joint attention as well as having many other emotional needs met.
(K.Whiffen Deputy Support Manager)

Trina’s work has transformed some of the hardest to reach individuals with complex needs by enabling them to feel safe and valued enough to discover and express their deeper selves, beyond their disability.
(J.McKenna Social Worker)

Going to Tree House is lovely and it helps me relax which is good because I get a bit hyper sometimes.
(J. S. Service User)

Our service Users really look forward to Trina coming each week and talk enthusiastically about what they are going to be working on.
(K. Ambury. Support Worker)

I like the gardening. We grow tomatoes and make soup. I like the rabbit. I hold him. I grow lettuce for him to eat.
(J.W. Service User)

 theoriginaltrina@talktalk.netPh 07851 402 647 

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