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About Counselling
Counselling is a process which happens between client and counsellor which enables clarity, choice and change.

Counselling can help you to heal, grow and become stronger. You can develop your potential for happier, healthier relationships with yourself and with others.
Counselling can bring empowerment if you are struggling with addiction or compulsive behaviour and offer support and nourishment if you just need someone to really hear you.

By listening actively and attentively, my training and experience will help me to feel and understand things from your point of view. When friends and families support us, they usually bring their own agendas with them. As your counsellor, I am only interested in you and you may find that I can listen to you in a way that allows you to really speak your mind and feel heard.

I am trained to hear your difficult thoughts and feelings and to accept and reflect them without judging them or becoming burdened myself. Then I may be able to help shed an outside light on the situation, support you to move on from an unsatisfactory place, or to simply stand by you as you share your pain.

Through the acceptance and respect that I will show you, your trust may develop and this may allow you to look at aspects of your life that you've never gone into before. Or you may be returning to work further on issues that you've already visited.

Initially we will have an informal telephone consultation for you to tell me what you need from counselling. There is no charge for this session.

If you felt that counselling might be useful to you, we would then have an initial assessment session where we meet each other to talk in more detail and to see if it feels right for us to work together.

My fee for sessions is 35 per hour.
We may be able to negotiate lower cost sessions if your circumstances would otherwise prevent you from accessing counselling.

The sessions last for an hour.
The number of sessions you need depends on what you are bringing to counselling and what you want to get from it. We would talk about this when we met and agree a plan.
Occasionally we might have a review where we would look at how things were going and make sure you felt that the sessions were working for you.
You can finish the counselling whenever you want, but it is usually best to build in a short ending process.

I will not talk to anybody about you or our work, except for my supervisor who is bound by the same strict confidentiality contract that I am.

I use therapy rooms in Stonehouse, Stroud and Nailsworth in Gloucestershire. I am within easy distance from the train line from Gloucester or Cheltenham, Stroud, Kemble and Swindon.

 theoriginaltrina@talktalk.netPh 07851 402 647 

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